Medowie FC 2018 Online Registrations via MyFootballClub will open 2nd January 2018.

Please contact the club to find out more about registration for 2018.

‚ÄčAll players must first complete the compulsory online registration at and then attend one of the following registration days if required.

** Days to be confirmed **

Online registration opens 2nd January 2018.
(The link to the MyFootballClub site is above)

Players must be turning 5 in the 2018 calendar year to be eligible to register.

For Juniors up the the age of 18. The age they turn in the 2018 calendar year is the age group that they play in.
(E.G:  If you are 9 turning 10 in 2018 then you would be in the under 10's age group.)

We have teams from Under 5's right through to Over 35's
Juniors (Boys & Girls)  -  (All Age Women)  -  (All Age Men)  -  (Over 35's)  

Note:  The email address that you register with on the MyFootballClub site is the email address ALL Medowie FC correspondence will be sent to for season 2018.

Photo ID

All players 18 years and older MUST have a photo ID linked to there
FFA - MyFootballClub account.
This is extremely important as your registration may be held up if you do not have a photo attached.