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Bees at Work


Starting in 1979 with just a single seniors and 23 junior teams, the club has seen great success and growth. Now boasting one of the largest clubs in the Newcastle/Port Stephens area with some 50 teams and an excess of 550 players, the selfless generosity of our life members have contributed to this progress and without them Medowie FC would not be what it is today.

Charles Tillman

Bill Lilley Senior

Howard Tattersall

Grahame Beasley

Peter Griffiths

Bev Turnbull (dec.)

Gail and Alan Morris (dec.)

Trevor Jones

Warren Irvine

Ian March

Patrick and Anne Byron

Ian Graham

Han Kwawagen

Les True

Ian and Vicki Lockhead

Nicole Beehag 

Mark Beadle

Kevin O’Brien 

Matthew Morris

Michael Salerno

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